Школа парфюмеров

3. The shipping fee

The costs of packaging, insurance and shipping are requested for each order and are included in the cost of delivery indicated before the validation of the order by you.
Deliveries are made into the address given in the order.
Delivery will be made according to the delivery method chosen by the customer during the online ordering process. For shipments in metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco the prices are the following:
— A charge of 6€ per order for shipments Colissimo with tracking number or Colissimo Points de Retrait,
— A charge of 15€ for shipments Chronopost (except Corsica).
For shipments outside metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco, packaging, insurance and shipping cost will depend on the weight of the order and the destination country. For online orders, prices will be indicated before the final validation of the order.
Note that it is cheaper to combine all your items in one order. Warning, if the same day you command two (or more) separate orders for the same place of delivery, we will not be able to gather together these commands and shipping will be charged for each one them.

6. Products

The list of products on our website is not exhaustive.
The pictures of our products are for information only and are not contractual.
Our products are available within the limit of available stock. Fragonard Perfumery make their best efforts to ensure that products appearing as available for sale are actually in stock. However, in case of out of stock after the final confirmation of your order, the customer service of the Fragonard Perfume will contact you within a maximum of 72 hours to notify you of products not available or if the shipment will be delayed and in this case, the estimated shipping time. In this case, you’ll have the choice to:
— To completely cancel your order,
— To partially cancel your order and choose to:

  • Either receive the products available initially and delayed those that are stock out in a second shipment, when  they will become available again,
  • Either receive all of your order one shipment, when all the products ordered will be available.

In the case you cancel your order, the Fragonard Perfume will reimburse you the paid amount within 14 days since the reception of the annulation notice for the whole or a part of your command.

1. How to order?

To be able to order in our website you may need to use a browser that accepts cookies. For submitting your order:

  • browse the online catalog of our website www.fragonard.com
  • Then add the products you want to your basket. Prior to the confirmation of the order, You can access the contents of your basket at any time,  to check the detail of the planned purchase and change them at any time (including removal of the selected product(s) or changing the amount of the selected product(s))
  • To confirm your order you must click the «SUBMIT ORDER» button that is in your basket
  • If you are a new customer: you must create a user account by clicking «LOGIN» In our website side bar and indicate your email address.
  • if you are already a customer of our website: Log in using:
  • then enter your shipping and payment information
  • select your free samples (maximum amount: 3)
  • then confirm your payment method of .

5. Payment

Shipment is always made after the order payment. No discount for early payment is granted.
All orders, whatever their origin (excluding USA and United Kingdom), are payable in euros. Regulation stamps or cash is not accepted.
Attention in the case where the payment is not equal to the total amount of the order, only the paid products will be shipped.

Online payment by credit card (CB)

You can pay your order directly at our online store with credit card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express). At the final stage of checkout you enter your credit card number and its expiration date and security code on the back of the card (last 3 digits on the signature panel) . This information is encrypted, and all information transmitted is encoded. (We have adopted the SSL encryption process). None of this information is transmitted clear on the Internet.
Warning: If you order value  exceeds  250 euros, the Fragonard Perfume reserve the right to request payment by bank transfer, or the transmission of a copy of an identity document or proof of address; the order will be processed on receipt of payment and documents requested as necessary.

Payment by check

You can send us a check in euros, payable in a French bank, to the order of «The Fragonard Perfumery.»
In this case we request you to specify the date and order number that was assigned to you online.

Payment by bank transfer

You can make a transfer to the following bank account:
Société Marseillaise de Crédit 06250 Mougins — France
Account number: 21870300200
Bank code: 30077
Bank agency code: 04942
Key RIB: 23
IBAN: FR76 3007 7049 4221 8703 0020 023

Payment by international money order

It shall be made to the order of “The Fragonard Perfumery.»
In this case we request you to specify the date and order number that were assigned to you online.

Online payment by PAYPAL

You can pay your order directly on our online store via PayPal. At the final stage of your command you click the Paypal logo which automatically redirects you to the site.

Чем интересен музей парфюмерии


из трех секций

  • В секции «Парфюмерия» представлены ароматы известные во всем мире.
  • Разнообразные предметы дизайна, необычные женские украшения и украшения интерьера находятся в секции «Искусство жить».
  • В секции «Украшения Фрагонар» можно приобрести красивейшие вещи, изготовленные из хлопка или шелка, и украшения из полудрагоценных камней.

Работники музея проводят бесплатные экскурсии, во время которых туристам открываются технологии производства духов, они узнают о существовании таких понятий как дистиляция, анфлераж и настаивание, им открываются интереснейшие нюансы производства духов.

Многим туристам интересны рассказы о истории производства духов. Так, на экскурсии можно узнать, что первые духи появились еще в 3-м веке нашей эры в виде твердых веществ или растений, сжигая которые получали различные сильные запахи. Позже появились ароматические вещества в виде помадок, которые наносились на тело. В виде привычной нам жидкой субстанции духи стали делать лишь в 15-м веке, а емкости для хранения духов появились веком позже и производились из фарфора, а не привычного нам стекла.

Для туристов здесь проводят разнообразные презентации и дегустации, побуждающие посетителей совершать покупке в магазине. Особенно привлекательно то, что ароматы продаются в магазине при музее по фабричным ценам.

Особенность музея

Помимо увлекательного экскурса в далекое прошлое, повествующего о зарождении парфюмерной индустрии, музей Фрагонар предлагает своим гостям совершить уникальные покупки. Салон разделен на 3 части, в первой их которых можно приобрести духи, во второй — предметы интерьера, а в третьей — туники из натуральных материалов и ювелирные украшения из полудрагоценных камней. Но все же львиная доля внимания посетителей сосредоточена вокруг духов.

Духи Фрагонар, Франция, Париж

В Париже не принято скупиться, выбирая парфюмерию. Но музей духов Фрагонар — это чуть ли не единственное место во Франции, где за бутылочку с ароматной жидкостью не придётся выкладывать баснословную сумму. Набор из 10–15 пробников духов стоит 15–25 евро. Можно приобрести флакон 60 мл за 40 евро или 100 мл туалетной воды за 25–30 евро. Политика фабричных цен является очень заманчивой для покупателей. Ещё одна особенность духов от Фрагонар состоит в том, что практически каждый аромат воспринимается, как знакомый. Поначалу этот факт обескураживает, но ему находится простое объяснение.

Духи Фрагонар, Франция, Париж

2. Prices

The prices of our products listed in our online catalog are in Euros and include all taxes (excluding postage). They take into account the French VAT or the local VAT for following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland.
If the VAT rate should be changed, increment or reduction, this change will be reflected in the price of items.
Prices shown in other currencies are approximate and depend on the particular exchange rate applicable at the time of the order.
Any shipping in France, Monaco, Switzerland or in a country of the European Union, will include the VAT charged.
Any shipping outside of France, Monaco, Switzerland and the European Union is invoiced excluding VAT.
Customs duties or other local taxes or import duty may also be due. These taxes and custom duties are at your charge, and they might be presented to you at the time of delivery and will have to be paid directly to the carrier.

Our prices are subject to change at any time without notice, however, knowing that the items will be charged on the basis of prices prevailing at the time you place your order subject to availability of the selected product.
Fragonard perfumes reserves the right to modify the prices of products offered on the Fragonard website at any time without prior notice. You will be charged the prices displayed on the Fragonard website at the time your order was confirmed provided the goods ordered were available at this time.

Кто есть кто

По утверждению гида парфюмерную квинтэссенцию данного производителя используют многие торговые марки, привнося в её композицию несколько дополнительных нот и придумывая для аромата собственное название. Так, фрагонаровские «Мелодия», «Медовый месяц», «Южная звезда», «Мечта из Граса», «Украденный момент», «Шепот», «Фантастическая мечта», «Ариэль» легли в основу ароматов от Кензо, Живанши, Нины Риччи, Кельвин Кляйн, Кристиана Диора, Ив Сен Лорана и многих других духов, пользующихся популярностью не только в Париже, но и во всем мире.
Музей-салон можно посетить с 9–00 до 18–00 в любой день, кроме воскресенья. Вход бесплатный.

4. Delivery

Fragonard Perfumery reserves the right to comply, totally or partially, an order for a country where they have specific distribution agreements, or where there are specific local regulations. In that case you will be informed by Fragonard Perfumery.
In particular, given the existing regulatory limitations on air transport for products containing alcohol, commands for colognes and perfumes will be accepted for the following countries: France*,  Germany*, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark*, Spain*, Estonia, Greece*, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic.
* Excluding the French Overseas territories, Büsingen, Heligoland, Faeroe Islands, Greenland, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, the Balearic Islands, the Åland Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Mount Athos, Campione D’Italia, Livigno, San Marino, the Vatican, and Madeira.Delivery deadlines (= time to prepare the package + delivery time)
For shipments in metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco, the average delivery time is indicated below (depending on the chosen method of delivery) knowing that the legal maximum delivery time is 30 days from the date of online shopping:

  • 6 working days from the order confirmation for Colissimo shipments and Colissimo Points de Retrait . However in case of «force majeure» we reserve the right to ship our packages in Ordinary Colissimo Ordinary (the package for shipping will be 6 € TTC in all cases).
  • 24 hours after the order confirmation for shipments Express except Corsica (Chronopost) *

* Subject to place your order before 11am in the morning and pay by credit card. (No possible delivery Saturday and Sunday)
For shipments in the countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway, the average delivery time is 10 working days Chrono Classic from the order confirmation.
However in case of «force majeure» we reserve the right to ship our packages by Colissimo registered mail (shipping charges will, in all cases, be calculated from the same fee schedule).
For deliveries to other countries, the average delivery time is 8-15 business days for Express shipments from the order confirmation.
Please note that these delivery times are only indicative and are subject to availability. If predictable delay in the shipment occurs, the Fragonard Perfume will inform the customer as soon as possible and by any means, so that the customer can choose to maintain, or to totally or partially cancel, his command.
Fragonard Perfumery cannot be blamed or held responsible for the consequences of events beyond its control, including force majeure, or for those due to the carrier’s fault or negligence, which would cause to delay or to fail in deliver.
The delivery deadlines shall in no case entail the payment of damages to the customer or service providers it. Fragonard Perfumery reserve the right to split deliveries, provided that the port fees will only be charged once.
Note that if you choose to pay by check, the order will be processed upon receipt of the check and legal delivery period will not begin to run until the date of receipt of the check.

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