Weather 8 January in Sevastopol

What to do and what to see in Sevastopol in winter

In any weather, you cannot refuse to walk along the picturesque embankment of Sevastopol. Without exaggeration, it can be called the face of the city, and the Monument to the Scuttled Ships became the symbol of the embankment. It rises above the sea and is visible from afar. Nearby - a small area, which has become a favorite vacation spot for the townspeople. Embankment decoration - several stairs, that descend straight to the sea. During the walk, the tourist gets to the souvenir market, where can be purchased as memorable trinkets, and gifts at a decent price. Also on the embankment there are numerous cafes and the famous Grafskaya pier with memorial plaques installed on it..

Lovers' Bridge, connecting the Primorsky Boulevard of Sevastopol with the embankment.

Winter is a good time to visit Sevastopol museums, especially if the weather is not conducive to outdoor walks. The Marine Aquarium does not stop working during the winter season, part-time serving as a museum. Among its inhabitants are sea turtles, invertebrates, dozens of fish species. In total, the museum exposition unites 5 halls. The Military History Museum is no less interesting, dedicated to the Black Sea Fleet. It contains personal belongings of Nakhimov and Kornilov, paintings by famous Russian marine painters, weapon (including trophy) - more than 30 thousand. exhibits.
At any time of the year, you should definitely visit the Panorama "Defense of Sevastopol" and the Diorama "Storm of the Sapun Mountain".

At any time of the year, Chersonesos remains the main place to visit in Sevastopol. The monument of antiquity lies just in 3 km from the city center and includes the excavation site, central square, Chersonesus bell and the church "Basilica in the Basilica", next to which is the Vladimir Cathedral.
Chersonesos for Russia is not just a valuable antique policy, but also an important center of Christianity. The first followers of this religion on the territory of Crimea appeared here., and Orthodox monuments are adjacent to ancient ruins.

Chersonesos in winter.

Sevastopol attracts fishing enthusiasts. In early January, numerous shoals of mullet appear in its bays, and then the locals rush into the sea waters and the embankment. The "hunt" for mullet lasts almost until the onset of the tourist season. Tourists are happy to join local fishermen - especially crowded in Balaklava Bay.

A winter trip to Sevastopol is a great reason to explore the Crimean heritage, until the summer heat came. Local travel companies offer interesting day and multi-day excursions. They suggest visiting the Crimean palaces (Yusupovsky, Vorontsovsky), museums (eg, Chekhov Museum), Swallow's nest. Trips to wineries possible, sightseeing tours of the cities of Bakhchisarai, Yalta and Sudak, pilgrimage trips to monasteries and churches of the peninsula and unforgettable evening excursions, during which Sevastopol itself and the immediate vicinity will appear in an unusual light.

Sevastopol, Southern bay.

Wellness tours to Sevastopol are in demand. In winter, the mild climate makes the treatment even more effective.. Although in the number of health resorts Sevastopol is inferior to other cities of Crimea, there are health resorts and modern spa hotels. They will make your stay in Crimea not only pleasant, but also useful. Some sanatoriums are located in park areas in protected areas and will delight you with the cleanest air. At the same time, from them you can quickly get to the center of Sevastopol.

You need to visit Crimea at least once in your life in winter. A mild climate and the presence of interesting places in combination with a developed infrastructure will create all the conditions for a memorable trip to Sevastopol.

Weather in Sevastopol in winter

Sevastopol has a humid and warm winter, but the climate here is changeable. In the morning the weather can be warm, and the sky is the sun. But by the evening it gets colder. Fogs and clouds are common during the winter months. And the chilly wind, combined with high humidity, noticeably cools the air.. Dry and sunny days give way to rain, but snow is a rare occurrence, and after a couple of hours there is no trace of the fallen flakes.

Sevastopol, winter, Monument to the Scuttled Ships.

The wettest winter month in Sevastopol is December. Going to town in winter, it is worth dressing correctly. Better to choose waterproof clothing and comfortable shoes.
Usually, in winter, during the day, the average temperature in Sevastopol is kept at +10 °C, often the air warms up to +16 °C. And at night frosts are possible until -4 °C. The sea is not suitable for swimming: it is only warmed up to +7 °C. However, compared to most Russian cities, winter Sevastopol pleases with sunny days.

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