Puerto Princesa underground river (Philippines). 17 a photo

Wildlife of protected areas

FloraHeavy rainfall, limestone and swampy soils provide special food for the development of flora. Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park includes 8 forest types: jungle, mangrove, forests characteristic of swamps, mountain, rain, mixed, gallery and coastal, as well as evergreen.

Scientists are still studying the plants of the protected area. Open already 800 new species. About three hundred of them are giants: given, amugis, apitong, dita with fragrant inflorescences and others.

FaunaAt the mouth, the Puerto Princesa River has created a unique ecosystem, mixing fresh and sea water. More than two thousand species of fish can be seen in this cocktail, 20 dolphin species, whales, Hawksbill sea turtle, dugong and byssu.

The rarest animal lives here - the sea cow.

Live in the park 165 bird species, including such as: hornbill, jungle chicken, white-breasted seagull, white-breasted sea eagle, blue-headed parrot and others. 15 of which are endemic.

The ground floor is occupied by snakes, lizards, boiled, Total 19 species of reptiles. Of such, like a filipino wood frog, Philippine barburula is not found anywhere else in the world.

Mammals over 30 species. Fancy bearded pigs, porcupines, binturongs - bear cats, Palawan badgers and shrews are found exclusively here.

Long-tailed macaques feed on, what the sea leaves on the shore after low tide.

Noisy flocks of monkeys always gather around people. They are aggressive, what tourists are constantly warned about.

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