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The planetarium was opened in April 1962 of the year, to the anniversary of the first flight into space. A prefabricated plastic dome with a diameter of eight meters was made at the Vladimir Chemical Plant. В центре главного зала был установлен проекционный аппарат УП-4 — один из первых отечественных аппаратов «Планетарий». In the process of work, the planetarium was retrofitted with new equipment. A zoom lens was purchased, providing the approach / removal of any object (planets, спутники и т. d.). A circular panorama with the landscapes of Mars was installed at the base of the dome, Moon, North Pole and Jungle. It was complemented by a panorama of Vladimir (худ В. AND. Шамаев) — металлические кованые копии домов и храмов исторического центра города.

Mockups of the first three artificial earth satellites were placed in the foyer, globes of earth and moon, fragment of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite, visual aids. In the 70s, the Foucault pendulum was added to them., parts for which were made at one of the city factories. In the 90's there, in the lobby, installed the only diorama in Russia "Takeoff of the Energia-Buran spacecraft".

In connection with the claims of the Russian Orthodox Church and objectively low demonstration capabilities (most of the equipment was installed in the 60s.) in 2006 year it was decided to build a specially equipped building for the needs of the Vladimir planetarium. Construction began in 2008 year on the site of one of the demolished pavilions in the eastern part of the central park (former park im. 850-anniversary of Vladimir) and lasted almost three years. The new building was commissioned in March 2011 of the year. Today, offices and cafes function in its side extensions.. 1 August 2012 Mayor Sergey Sakharov met with representatives of the German company Carl Zeiss to discuss the installation of special optics and the necessary equipment. Planned, что обустраивать планетарий будут усилиями двух бюджетов — городского и областного. Moving the planetarium to a new building, probably, will take place in 2013 year.

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