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Built by the whole world

The opening date of the Primorsky State United Museum named after V.K.. Arsenyev for visitors became 30 September 1890 of the year. But it was founded even earlier - in 1884 year as a museum of the Society for the Study of the Amur Region. In December 1883 of the year naval mechanic Alexander Mikhailovich Ustinov in the newspaper “Vladivostok” proposed to create in the city, which has not yet turned a quarter of a century, the museum.

Among those, who first responded to this idea, understanding the prospects for scientific research of the economic potential of the region, were the head of the Resettlement Department of the South Ussuri region F. F. Busse, teacher of male gymnasium B. P. Маргаритов, Colonel of the General Staff I. A. Nadarov, prosecutor I. A. Бушуев, as well as merchants and entrepreneurs: YU. AND. Brinner, M. AND. Yankovsky, M. D. Shevelev, IN. P. Babintsev, the Pyankov brothers, A. D. Startsev.

Old residents of Vladivostok. Photo: provided by the Primorsky State Museum named after. VK. Arsenyev

The museum became the starting point for the creation and implementation of the first scientific society on the Pacific coast of Russia - the Society for the Study of the Amur Region (OIAK). 18 April 1884 the military governor of Vladivostok Alexander Fedorovich Feldhausen approved the charter of the Society, whose main goal was:

“... a comprehensive study of the Amur River, the Russian coast of the Eastern Ocean and adjacent areas and familiarization with them through the collection of collections and various information on all branches of natural science, geography, ethnography and archeology and scientific research of the collected materials, equally by compiling a library of works about the specified region, not limited to any specialty.”

Fyodor Busse was elected the first chairman of the Society for the Study of the Amur Region, Vasily Margaritov became the first head of the museum. It is with his name that the most important contributions to the museum's funds are associated - the first collections on archeology and ethnography. The collections of objects of the material and spiritual culture of the indigenous peoples of Primorye collected by him still make up the golden fund of the museum collection.: home stuff, hunting and fishing equipment, cult items, clothes.

The activities of the society were inextricably linked with the development of museum funds, research expeditions of a wide profile were carried out, collection of exhibits, formation of a unique archive and library. Since the museum itself did not have a separate building for a long time, and the collection grew, it had to be stored somewhere. For this purpose, the director of the gymnasium G. D. Masing provided a room in an educational institution.

Museum building bookmark. Photo: provided by the Primorsky State Museum named after. VK. Arsenyev

30 June 1888 year, the laying of the museum building took place, which is now located on Peter the Great Street. Right Reverend Gury, Bishop of Kamchatka and Annunciation served a prayer service, consecrated the building site, at the base of which was laid a silver plaque with a commemorative inscription. And the Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich, became the patron of the Society for the Study of the Amur Region, solemnly placed it in a prepared recess in the stone, filled with lime solution and covered with another stone.

The museum itself was literally built “the whole world”, therefore the beginning of construction and even more - its end, became one of the most important events in the life of a young city. After all, specifically to raise funds for the construction of a building, an exhibition of artworks from private collections was organized, who gave 521 ruble. For the same purpose in the theater “Golden Horn” Mr. Belyaev staged amateur performances, fundraising from which also went to the construction of a building for the museum.

The project was developed by engineer Kirill Grigorievich Sergienko. The first newspaper of the city “Vladivostok” since 1885 by 1890 reported regularly about the progress of fundraising for the construction of the museum:

“Mr. M. AND. Yankovsky donated a horse for the construction,

Mr. B. P. Babintsev - 500 rubles,

Mr. M. TO. Fedorov - 100 piercing,

Mr. I. M. Langelite - 20 drums of cement and 10 glass boxes,

Mr. O. IN. Lindholm made a discount on the delivered brick before 700 rubles”.

Finally 30 September 1890 the museum was opened to the public. Built with public money, it became the first museum in the entire Far East. The founding fathers actively donated their archeology collections to the museum, ethnography, botany, which managed to collect here in time, assigned to them for service in the Far East.

It was on this date that the Primorsky State United Museum named after. VK. Arsenyev (the modern name of the OIAC museum) marks her date of birth. By the time of opening, the museum's funds totaled more than 1 thousands of exhibits.

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